checkSpanish is the perfect complement for your Spanish studies.

No hourly cost, available at all times and no time limit.

Why checkSpanish?

Because it helps you


One of the biggest problems that students of Spanish encounter is the formation of phrases.
To practice they need a teacher to correct how they form sentences, this costs between 15 and 25$ an hour and is subject to a timetable.

More than cards

The current applications are based on a card that offers you a phrase in English and you must read it in Spanish.
checkSpanish allows you to use any phrase you need, as it is based on a grammar checker made especially for students of Spanish.


checkSpanish allows you to pick up phrases orally or in writing. The grammar checker marks the error and provides the solution in graphic and sound form to hear the sentence correctly..
No cost per hour, available at any time and with no time limit.

Anywhere and anytime

Practice sentences and correct them

Play forming sentences

How would you say it in Spanish?

Expand your vocabulary


Practice your sentences and verify that it is correct.

Enter the text using the keyboard or microphone.
Check alternatives to error.
Listen to the correct sentence.

Play to form phrases of common use.

It helps you assimilate the sentence structure in an enjoyable way.
It offers different help to build the phrases.
Different types of phrases and situations.

How would you say it in Spanish?

Practice phrases from different situations and use.
It allows you to view the solution.
Once corrected you can hear the phrase in Spanish.

Expand your vocabulary

Organized by subject and grammatical category